Halloween Tips: How To Pull Off Tricks And Treats Safely

15 Oct

Boo! Ha-ha. Got you. Honestly though, Halloween can be a spooky time for everyone. Kids are scared of the un-known ghosts and goblins that possibly reside behind trees or in gutters while parents are scared of un-known people who are out and up to no good.

To ensure your employees and clients’ families are safe and have a stress free Halloween, make a check list or consider giving them promotional products before Halloween. Not only will the products increase safety, they will also promote your business!

Here are a few promotional products ensure safe trick-or-treating in your community:

1) Flashlights

Sidewalks are sometimes uneven and many neighborhoods are not lit well. Help your clients and employees’ kids avoid injuries by giving them flashlights. Flashlights are an easy and economical way to keep kids safe and aware of their surroundings.

2) Tote Bags

Occasionally plastic bags and even worn pillow cases can get holes in them, leaving candy to spill on the pavement. Help clients and employees’ kids avoid this problem by giving them a tote bag. This product may not aid in safety, but it will make carrying candy easier for kids. A tote bag can be used for gathering candy…a lot of candy.

3) Glow Bracelets

Ensure that kids are easily seen with these nifty glow bracelets. While most people are aware children are out and about collecting candy on Halloween, some people may forget. Glow bracelets can help people driving cars see children quicker and make them slow down. Plus, kids love them!

These promotional products can take some of the stress off parents before their kids go out on Halloween. Not only will they promote your business, but they will show your community that your company cares about its well-being. Make sure all your clients and employees’ have a spooky, not dangerous, Halloween. Check out Wallao.


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